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Tina Monod, Ontario, August 13, 2018 – So much to love! This summer, I am working with Vida, building original collections based on my paintings. All are available for purchase through Wearable art is so interesting to create. I find colour and fabric very exciting to work with. My art is incorporated into scarves, pillows, ties and handbags. So many unique products and designs by artists worldwide. Sunflowers, orchards, vineyards and mountains are some of my themes. The possibilities are endless for creating beautiful artist lead products!

Tina Monod – Vida Collections on YouTube

© 2018 Monod Art & Design, Tina Monod – Pinot Noir Modal Scarf, Love’s Melody Silk Tie, Amazing Grace Statement Bag, Sleeveless Top and Silk Tie.

About Tina Monod

Tina Monod is a landscape painter inspired by the valleys and oceans, lakes and mountains of Canada. Her Canadian landscapes are vibrant in nature. Her style is both impressionistic and expressionistic in how she captures light and layers with colour. Born in Kelowna, British Columbia Tina Monod chose to pursue her art education in Victoria. Monod is a graduate from U Vic with a B.F.A. Honours and also attended the Pilchuck Glass School.

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tina monod - pinot noir modal scarf - shop vida

About Vida & Co.

VIDA is a collaboration between designers and makers around the world. They bring unique, inspiring accessories and beautiful apparel to shoppers online. When you purchase an item on their website by a Vida designer, that purchase becomes a custom order. By purchasing a unique Vida piece, you empower the makers of your product to build a better future for themselves and for generations to come. For every product made, Vida offers literacy and education programs in our factories across the globe. Shop Vida is artist inspired.

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tina monod - pinot noir modal scarf - shop vida

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