County and Country Wine Art Exhibition

Tina Monod, Ontario, April 1, 2019 – This spring I am honoured to be exhibiting my art at the Hubbs Creek Vineyard and Winery in Hillier, Ontario. Fresh from the vines, this new collection “Vintages of the County,” is inspired by the wines of Hubbs Creek!

Pinot Gris, Gamay Rose, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir are the emotion on my brush. There are 3 paintings for each of these vintages. This series as a whole illustrates a vibrant landscape of viticulture. There is a visual connection here of the seasons and the senses.

Wine growing, cultivating and harvesting grapes are the themes in these miniature acrylic paintings. Great imagination and attention to detail can be found in these collectible 10×10 and 12×12 inch pieces. When combined as 3 images hung vertically, they really tell a story. All are designed to add warmth and joy to wall spaces and home decor individually and collectively. The possibilities are many for mixing and matching.

Special thank you to the Calvieri family for inviting me to show my work at their winery. I am grateful for this opportunity and happy to be sharing my art with the people of Prince Edward County.

Watch for the upcoming arts and culture debut of “Vintages of the County” in Grapevine Magazine and  The LINK Magazine spring issues.

About Tina Monod

Tina Monod is a landscape painter inspired by the valleys and oceans, lakes and mountains of Canada. Her Canadian landscapes are vibrant in nature. Her style is both impressionistic and expressionistic in how she captures light and layers with colour. Born in Kelowna, British Columbia Tina Monod chose to pursue her art education in Victoria. Monod is a graduate from U Vic with a B.F.A. Honours and also attended the Pilchuck Glass School.

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About Hubbs Creek Vineyard

Hubbs Creek Vineyard Inc. began operating in 2001 and is a family run business. In the spring of 2002, their first vines were planted. What began as one of the oldest vineyards in Prince Edward County is located in the township of Hillier, near Wellington, Ontario. Owner and Viticulturist, John Battista Calvieri is an award-winning winemaker with awards from the “All Canadian Wine Championships” and the “Wine Align Awards.”

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Hubbs Creek Vineyard
562 Danforth Rd
Hillier, ON
Prince Edward County
K0K 3L0
Phone: 613-654-9935 or 647-521-2395

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vintages of the county painting collection by tina monod - art exhibition at hubbs creek vineyard
Vintages of the County painting collection by Tina Monod – Art exhibition at Hubbs Creek Vineyard
art exhibition vintages of county” at hubbs creek vineyard - wine themed acrylic paintings by tina monod
Art exhibition “Vintages of County” at Hubbs Creek Vineyard – Wine themed acrylic paintings by Tina Monod

Published by Tina Monod

Artist and Designer, Tina Monod holds a BFA in Visual Arts from the University of Victoria and a diploma in digital media and design, awarded with creative excellence and honours. Digital Photography and travel are a big part of her inspiration and process. She is always shaping the landscapes around her with a style of impressionism and expressionism in brushwork and palette.

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