Golden Creativity

Painting flowers is a different form of portrait painting. Each has a face that engages with your own, creating wonder. Depending on the time of day one may find the sunflowers fully facing the sun. Each celebrates the best of a moment, “counting only the sunny hours”. That’s exactly what one might learn when standing in the presence of these sunflower ‘girasol’ paintings. Read more

Sunflower Trios

Vibrant in Nature: How fantastic to be in the beautiful presence of tall sunflowers! Their heads nod and bow to all with grace and ease. This painting has been chosen for the Whitby Mayor’s fundraising gala “A Night Out on the Town”, April 9th with live painting by artist and designer Tina Monod.Read more

Amazing Grace

Bold and Beautiful: There is a fiery independence in sunflowers and their graceful forms. We are drawn to their bold centres. What do their faces tell us as they stand so tall and proud? We might travel the world and always feel at home with these universal flowers. Tuscany is one of those places, which comes to mind. Here one might journey to fill the senses with the fullness of golden sunflower ‘girasoli’ fields.Read more

Just Glow

What lies between a moment of clear insight and a sky on fire is unforgettable. Beneath the paint layers, acrylic painting “Just Glow” is a story about embracing quality of life. Brush strokes of light radiate outward to become an impressionist’s sky.Read more

Drawing for Art 2016

This April 1 – 28, I am happy to be participating in Station Gallery’s annual spring fundraiser “Drawing for Art 2016” in Whitby, Ontario. Purchase your tickets from Station Gallery and don’t miss this April 28th fundraising event.Read more