Body and Soul

Intelligence of a sunflower: Growing tall and spreading their sunshine far and wide, each sunflower in the field is a relationship of grace and beauty. In painting them there is a light from the petals and a reflected light all around them. They dazzle and lend a wonderful energy to all settings, especially in the form of art.Read more

A Good Life

There is a feeling of strength, power and endless growth in a sunflower garden. Time passes through us as we are filled with their wonder. Happiness may be found in simply admiring the arrangement and shape of every reaching flower. Read more

Art Heals

This spring I am very pleased to be sharing my art in the show “Art Heals” curated by Allan O’Marra. Opening Reception will be Friday, June 3rd, 6 pm – 8 pm at Ontario Shores Art Gallery in Whitby, Ontario. Show runs June 1-29, 2016. Come out and bring a friend! Read more

Love’s Melody

Light, Atmosphere and Colour: Perhaps what we love about sunflowers is that they are always in the process of becoming. Like ourselves they are never perfect, far from it and yet their beauty completes us. Like navigators they follow the sun, directional and purposeful.Read more

Golden Creativity

Painting flowers is a different form of portrait painting. Each has a face that engages with your own, creating wonder. Depending on the time of day one may find the sunflowers fully facing the sun. Each celebrates the best of a moment, “counting only the sunny hours”. That’s exactly what one might learn when standing in the presence of these sunflower ‘girasol’ paintings. Read more