Nature Living: There’s a breeze in the tall pines that whispers about this beautiful lake. It is easy to get lost on the lovely country roads which curve around the orchards and tranquility of Okanagan Lake. Read more


Lake Country Life: Saying there’s something special about this mostly calm lake which goes on forever. With endless waves to soothe the senses and dull the roar of the city life. At sunset the water meets the sky in a blaze of vivid colour. Another picture perfect day and a snapshot of serenity that burns itself into the memory album forever. Read more


Experience the Okanagan: Where do you go to get away when the weather is just right and you feel like a dip in the cool blue water? Feel the sand in between your toes and watch the hours slip away from sunrise to sunset. The Okanagan has much to offer and this view of Okanagan Lake always gives a feeling of peace.Read more

As Time Goes By

Life is Magical: Sunflowers create beauty. On that you can rely on. Paired with rows of lavender, these plants teach us to live through every sense. They show us how to be unique, thrive with fullness and glory; and above all be true.Read more

Body and Soul

Intelligence of a sunflower: Growing tall and spreading their sunshine far and wide, each sunflower in the field is a relationship of grace and beauty. In painting them there is a light from the petals and a reflected light all around them. They dazzle and lend a wonderful energy to all settings, especially in the form of art.Read more