Wilderness Expressions

Canadian Landscapes: Wilderness Expressions is a series of acrylic paintings created on black gessoed gallery wood panels. There are 10 paintings in this starry sky painting collection for those who love stars. These images take my viewers and collectors into some of the more hidden and remote adventure trails, lakes and oceans on the west coast of British Columbia. Views from the Okanagan Valley with familiar wide open spaces and the majestic mountains of Banff and Jasper, Alberta complete this adventure. All are precious gems in the landscape of Canada for us to protect, explore and enjoy.Read more

Sing Me Home

Light from the night sky traces the desert hills and Okanagan sage. In this painting the soft violets, cobalts and ochres of distant Lavington hills harmonize. Nearer, one can feel the dryness of the ranch land and the coolness of the evening air. Whistling cottonwood trees are changing colour and their gold colours glow like fireflies. Descending into the forest valley, autumn leaves are turning all colours and creating their living tapestries of transformation. A familiar warm red from the Canadian maples is woven into the blue green spruce and pines. Read more

Mountain High

Sometimes all you need is a little elevation to get away from it all. Hikes like this one unfold with many layers of beauty. There is no greater feeling than a mountain high, which comes from pushing onwards, climbing higher and trusting in the trail ahead of you. Such a lovely alpine view of the sky and stars in this quiet part of the Canadian Rockies. This is a painting of tranquility, found in a glacial amphitheatre.Read more

Water of the Spirits

How wonderfully Lake Minnewanka captures the light at sunset and twilight. These glacial fed waters originate and flow not only from the Cascade Mountain and River, but also from the streams of Mount Inglismaldie, Mount Girouard and Mount Peechee. Clouds above are very animated from the wind gusts in the valley. Elements and altitude are thoughtfully mirrored with angled brushwork, carving out the mountain terrain and rendering the spacious, reflective sky. At night so majestic in presence and full of stars.Read more

Above the Clouds

Summit View, Sulphur Mountain: Banff National Park, Alberta. Beautiful forest greenery blending into the velvety blue mountain ranges, all high above the clouds. Colourful accents of yellow aspen trees and the gold larch trees throughout. All truly inspiring as day grew into soft night.Read more

Wild At Heart

There’s something very relaxing about growing up in the Okanagan with shimmering lakes just moments away and mountains full of history that touch the sky. Naramata is a lush valley and produces quite a variety of apples, pears, peaches, plums, apricots, and cherries. Along Naramata Lake it is easy to slip into the calm and feeling of well being. There is a cool lake breeze on the water. Read more