Tina Monod, Artist Bio

Tina Monod is a visual artist and designer based in Whitby, Ontario. Although Tina designs for print, mobile and web, her time is evenly split between painting and design. One process conditions another, in all she creates. Tina loves taking photographs and using many of these in both her digital and acrylic paintings. Her work is strong and stylistic in nature, connecting places and personalities, history trails and landmarks. Every painting she produces is a story, as mirrored in her realism.

Growing up in the Okanagan with father Gérard (Gerry) Monod who was a jazz musician and mother Alys Monod (née Chubbuck) who was a sculptor and photographer, she was destined to be in the arts. Tina’s love of art began while very young and watching an artist paint a theatrical backdrop for Kelowna Community Theatre. From that day on it never took long to fill a sketchbook or complete a painting. Tina went on to study visual arts at University of Victoria. After graduating with a BFA degree, Honours, she explored a career in marketing and design. Flexible with all artist mediums,

Tina is best known for painting in oils, watercolour and acrylics. She has also made her mark with illustration, animation, artist workshops, glass sculpture, print graphics and web design. In terms of expression and technique, her work has included a range of commissioned portrait paintings, murals, abstract compositions and landscapes.

Art, design and dog portraits are what inspire Tina most in her home of Ontario.

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